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DOLLS magazine – March 2020

10 In Memoriam: Roxanna Maria Sullivan: 1949-2019
12 Fairy Dust & Pixie Power: Judy Pollard conjures up winged creatures, fantastic friends in doll form
33 Heights of Fantasy: Kassity Allison’s award-winning dolls reflect artist’s talent, tenacity
36 Queen for a Day: Hollywood Doll Company had a hit with game-show tie-in

DOLLS Presents Reborns
R6 Portraits in Silicone: Photographer turns her artistic talents to reborns
R10 Balancing Act: Reborn artist makes kids her priority
R14 Love of Dolls: Runs in the family for Noemi Roarks

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DOLLS magazine November/December 2019

8 Distinctive Dolls: From porcelain to resin to vinyl, Zofia and Henry Zawieruszynski focus on perfection
10 Created as One of a Kind: These art dolls are unique from sculpt to finish
16 Western & Whitman: How a small printer in Wisconsin launched a golden age for paper dolls
22 Building a Brand-New Dream: Sonja and Hagen Hartmann create beautiful portable dollhouses
25 Art Deco Angel: This cloth doll will make a delightful addition to your holiday décor.

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DOLLS magazine July 2019

The July 2019 issue of DOLLS features84 four-color pages. This issue is our special annual Debut of Dolls collector’s edition! Inside, you’ll find features on nearly 50 top doll artists and designers, including Miroslava Brodlova, Lorella Falconi, Hildegard Günzel, Lauren Faith Jaimes, Nancy Latham, Connie Lowe, Donna RuBert, Beverly Stoehr, and Zofia & Henry Zawieruszynski.

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DOLLS magazine May/June 2019

8            Beverly Stoehr’s designs reflect the diverse beauty of all children
By Stephanie Finnegan
12           Ken: He’s a Doll!
By A. Glenn Mandeville
16           What’s New, Too: Dollmakers reveal more new designs for 2019
38           Exploring New Dimensions: Award-winning reborn artist Ruth Aguilar came to dolls from painting

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DOLLS magazine November/December 2018

8 Star Power: Star Ace salutes Hollywood’s golden past, current idols
14 From Russia With Love: Elenpriv gives classic designs a fashion-forward twist
20 JAMIEshow’s Terrific 10th
24 Fall Fashions: RubyRed Galleria reveals new collection for InMotion Girls
26 Fabric of History: Porcelain artist Victoria Cairns turns to new medium to keep her dolls affordable
31 Everybody’s Talkin’ Barbie!

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DOLLS magazine October 2018

8 A Touch of Frost: Liz Frost makes magic through sculpting, face-ups
14 Hallowed Halls: Connie Lowe brings ‘blended fashions’ to dolls
18 Fantasy-Fueled & Fabulous: Doll Chateau raises eyebrows with bizarrely beautiful BJDs
25 All-Around Artist: Monica Spicer creates couture for BJDs
26 Dramatic Divas: Anna Maryina’s small dolls star in epic, costumed mini series
30 Vintage Barbie store displays & gift sets
34 Janet Bernasconi: A world of whimsy and charm

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DOLLS magazine August/September 2018

8 Paper Princesses: Britain’s royals are popular subjects for paper dolls
16 Art & Soul: Esther Manso’s character dolls are testaments to tenacity
20 The Write Stuff: Lynn Cartwright’s book is perfect for aspiring artists, curious collectors
24 Beautiful Belinda: RubyRedGalleria marks its 10th year of dollmaking with new character
26 Tender Treasures: Self-taught dollmaker re-creates innocent infants
28 2018 Diamond Awards Ballot

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