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DOLLS Magazine April 2022

The April 2022 issue of DOLLS is 48 full-color pages and features a look at new doll designs premiering this year, including features on Madame Alexander, Dianna Effner Dolls, Enchanted Kreature Kits, and more! Plus, this issue includes articles on award-winning artist Cindee Moyer, a look at Ideal’s Tiny Kissy doll from the 1960s, and more!

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Doll Collecting: What’s in Store for 2022?

We invited several doll-industry professionals to join us in sharing their memories of the past year and their thoughts about what the doll world can look forward to in 2022, including both personal highlights and general thoughts and observations. Last week’s post covered their look at the past year; now let’s see what they’re looking forward to in the new year:

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2021 Dolls Awards of Excellence Public’s Choice Winners

More than 800 voters cast their ballots to decide this year’s Public’s Choice winners in the Dolls Awards of Excellence (DAE) competition. We’d like to thank everyone who took the time to vote and all the talented artists who entered their creations in the 2021 competition. Congratulations to this year’s Public’s Choice winners and our 2021 Artist of the Year!

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2022 DOLLS AWARDS OF EXCELLENCE Opens for Entries Jan. 10

The Dolls Awards of Excellence (DAE) competition recognizes and encourages excellence in the design and creation of dolls. Photos of all the entries are reviewed and rated by professionals within the doll industry, who evaluate each submission on overall aesthetic appeal, excellence in concept, design, and execution, and quality of material and workmanship.

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DOLLS Magazine November/December 2021

November/December 2021 issue of DOLLSis 48 full-color pages and includes a special showcase of artists’ holiday-themed dolls and an article on vintage Käthe Kruse limited-edition Christmas dolls, as well as our annual Holiday Gift Guide. Plus, we have feature stories on doll artists Annette Herrmann, Rhonda Ingram, Jaqueline Patrick, and Silke Sordyl; a look at Doug James’ new 1470 Collection; Julie Manley’s chronicle of dolls she’s seen from around the world; and more!

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DOLLS Magazine October 2021

The October 2021 issue of DOLLS is 48 full-color pages and introduces readers to Judy Porter’s Brielle BJD, available exclusively from DOLLS magazine, as well articles on artists Virginia Lee, Pasha Setrova, Linda Macario, Linda Lyons, and Marianna Nardin; a celebration of Halloween-themed dolls; a look at Vogue Dolls’ Jill; and more!

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Nadaleena Mirat Brettmann: Silicone baby artist turns to sculpting

A relative newcomer to the silicone baby doll scene, Nadaleena Mirat Brettmann has been painting dolls for three years. “I have been purchasing blank kits from the amazing Bonnie Sieben, cast in silicone by Kristin Englert — two of the kindest people in the dolly world, with immense talent!” she said. “I have, however, moved to sculpting and painting my own lifelike sculptures, which will be available in limited editions of six to 10 babies.”

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New Familiar Faces: Kim Arnold uses new tech to expand BJD line

So far this year, BJD artist Kim Arnold has held preorders for brand-new doll designs, new resin colors for existing designs, and with the help of 3D printing technology, existing designs at new sizes. “Sunny and Jia are both new going into 2021,” Arnold said. “They are both on what I call the Franny body. This is a fairly new body with more movable joints — a lower hip movement and a more flexible knee joint. The Franny body is my 16-inch doll size.

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Dianna Effner’s private Doll collection to be auctioned starting Sept. 5

With a dollmaking career that exceeded four decades, Dianna Effner accumulated an extensive doll collection, including one-of-a-kinds, samples, and limited editions. Effner’s family has decided to offer doll collectors the chance to acquire some of these treasures for their own collections via auction beginning Sept. 5, 2021.

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Donna RuBert’s new company focuses on limited-edition silicone babies

My husband and partner Dave and I are working to get our new company off and running. It has been a big job, since it is so different from my start. In the beginning, I was co-owner and sculptor at The Doll Artworks, starting in 1990 until the year 2000. The Doll Artworks produced molds making porcelain dolls. My job was to sculpt each doll, paint the sample, wig and dress them, and then do the photography for advertising.

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Top to Toe: Virginia Lee does it all when making dolls

Dollmaker Virginia Lee said she never wanted to stop playing with dolls as a child. Studying art and web design in college helped her develop her creative skills into adulthood. Discovering the world of vinyl repaints set her on the road to dollmaking artistry. She went from repaints to making ball-jointed dolls (BJDs) sold under the name Forever Virginia. In addition to sculpting BJDs, Lee also creates her own wigs, shoes, and outfits, both for her full-set dolls and as separate items available for fans to purchase. She recently sat down to discuss her dollmaking career with DOLLS magazine.

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