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DOLLS magazine November / December 2016

8 Golden Girl: Beverly Stoehr celebrates 50 years of doll artistry

14 Edith’s Editions: What the well-dressed BJD is wearing

18 Collectibly Cartwright:
Angela Cartwright has unique perspective as creator, collector & collectible!

22 Food Daux Pas: Ten Ping’s tale continues during lean times in Shanghai

24 And Away She Sews….. Fabulous fashions flow easily from Peggy Naugle’s nimble fingers

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DOLLS magazine October 2016

8 Historically Haute: Julie Manely puts an Aussie eleganza spin on fashion-doll frocks

14 Sculpting Stories:
Patricia Rowe aims to tell a tale with each doll she creates

18 Robert Tonner: Fashion-doll maven recieves Lifetime Achievement Award as his company celebrates 25th Anniversary

26 Fun Friends of the ’50s and ’60s

29 Quirky Quartet: Bo Bergemann’s heroic new BJDs debute at Comic-Con: San Diego

30 A Grand Balancing Act: Rose Lacefield finds time for both art and family

42 Basic Pattern, Fancy Frocks
Make lovely lace-trimmed dresses for MSD-size BJDs

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DOLLS magazine August / September 2016

The August/September 2016 issue of DOLLS features 68 four-color pages. This special crossover issue with Haute Doll features a RubyRedGalleria cover exclusive to DOLLS. Inside, there’s coverage of the newest character in the Ten Ping line, artist dolls by Victoria Rose Martin, the new body sculpt from Integrity Toys, the first of BiDoll’s new Lithe dolls, a special paper doll designed by none other than Robert Tonner, Joe MacPhale’s Marilyn Monroe automaton, and the nominees and ballot for this year’s Dolls Awards of Excellence Public’s Choice competition!

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DOLLS magazine July 2016 – Collector’s Debut Edition

The July 2016 issue of DOLLS features68 four-color pages and includes more than 30 features looking at what some of the top doll artists and designers are working on this year, including Berdine Creedy, Connie Lowe, Hildegard Günzel, Maggie Iacono, Helen Kish, Pat Moulton Linda Steele, Beverly Stoehr, Superdoll, Tonner Doll Company, R. John Wright, and Henry and Zofia Zawieruszynski.

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DOLLS magazine May / June 2016

The May/June 2016 issue of DOLLS features 52 four-color pages and includes features on BJD artists Liz Frost, Judy Porter, Sophie Louis, and Henry and Zofia Zawieruszynski, as well as RubyRedGalleria’s Four Kindergartners line. In addition, April Norton discusses the challenge of painting realistic eyes on porcelain and a look back at Lenci’s fabulous felt dolls.

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DOLLS magazine April 2016

The April 2016 issue of DOLLS features 52 four-color pages and includes sneak peeks at new doll designs from more than 20 dollmakers, including a preview of renowned artist Hildegard Günzel’s 2016 collection and a look at Integrity Toys’ new Color Infusion line.

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DOLLS magazine March 2016

12 Mary Hartline: The tale of the Pretty Princess of TV

16 TrinketBox Treasures: Artist Kim Arnold specializes in large BJDs

20 Miniature Masterpieces: Stephanie Blythe creates fantasies in human form

26 Fully Furnished: Ron & Sue Frank’s miniatures add maximum magic

30 Small Things Considered: Caroline creates a world of tiny treasures

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DOLLS magazine January / February 2016

The January/February 2016 issue of DOLLS features 52 four-color pages and includes an autobiography of Lifetime Achievement Award winner Kaye Wiggs. Plus we have a special focus on baby dolls and the artists who create them, including a special feature by doll historian Jan Foulkes on the origins of baby dolls. Artists featured in this issue include Laura Tuzio-Ross, Shawna Clymer, Lauren Faith Jaimes, Barbara Felts, Debby Brooks, and Andrea Arcello.

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