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DOLLS magazine November/December 2019

8 Distinctive Dolls: From porcelain to resin to vinyl, Zofia and Henry Zawieruszynski focus on perfection
10 Created as One of a Kind: These art dolls are unique from sculpt to finish
16 Western & Whitman: How a small printer in Wisconsin launched a golden age for paper dolls
22 Building a Brand-New Dream: Sonja and Hagen Hartmann create beautiful portable dollhouses
25 Art Deco Angel: This cloth doll will make a delightful addition to your holiday décor.

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DOLLS magazine October 2019

10 ‘Live, Laugh, Love’: Kim Arnold’s quirky BJDs embody artist’s motto
16 Madame Alexander’s 1960s celebration of Americana
20 Trick or Treat!: Doll artists share Halloween surprises
28 Here Come the Brides!: Dolls provide a chronicle of wedding dresses, traditions

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DOLLS magazine August/September 2019

8 Happy Anniversary, Corolle!: French doll company turns 40, remains young at heart
12 April Norton crafts exquisite, emotional doll faces
18 Doll Outfitter Extraordinaire: Charlotte Webb makes BJD hats, reborn beds, and more
22 Norma Lu Meehan: Award-winning artist preserves fashion, history in paper dolls
32 2019 Diamond Awards

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DOLLS magazine July 2019

The July 2019 issue of DOLLS features84 four-color pages. This issue is our special annual Debut of Dolls collector’s edition! Inside, you’ll find features on nearly 50 top doll artists and designers, including Miroslava Brodlova, Lorella Falconi, Hildegard Günzel, Lauren Faith Jaimes, Nancy Latham, Connie Lowe, Donna RuBert, Beverly Stoehr, and Zofia & Henry Zawieruszynski.

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DOLLS magazine May/June 2019

8            Beverly Stoehr’s designs reflect the diverse beauty of all children
By Stephanie Finnegan
12           Ken: He’s a Doll!
By A. Glenn Mandeville
16           What’s New, Too: Dollmakers reveal more new designs for 2019
38           Exploring New Dimensions: Award-winning reborn artist Ruth Aguilar came to dolls from painting

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DOLLS magazine April 2019

8 Mae Day!: Meadow Dolls partner with DOLLS on an exclusive 16-inch BJD
12 What’s New in 2019: These creations will be the talk of the town this year!
26 Open House: Artist’s own creations are at home with prized antique dolls
31 Elusive Prizes: African-American paper dolls in popular culture

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DOLLS magazine March 2019

Doll Directory
8 Artists, Designers & Manufacturers
33 Doll Fashions & Accessories
34 Retailers & Craft Suppliers
37 Dollmaking Teachers / Instruction
38 Show Organizers
39 Clubs / Collector &
Professional Organizations
Articles include Brenda Mize
Reborns Special Section

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DOLLS magazine January/February 2019

8 Eyes on the Prize
Innovations, affordability are Joe MacPhale’s priorities

Ho-Ho-Holiday Gift Guide
12 Created for Collectors
26 Dolls in Toyland
34 And the winner is …
DOLLS readers have voted for this year’s Public’s Choice winners in our Dolls Awards of Excellence competition

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