I recently received preorder notification for Mattel’s Princess Tiana and Just One Kiss Princess Tiana dolls.  The dolls represent the main character in Disney’s upcoming movie, The Princess and the FrogPrincess Tiana is Disney’s first animated African American princess.  This newly created character joins the ranks of Disney’s other princesses, past and present.* Little girls who have longed for princesses that look like them are certain to be thrilled with the movie character and dolls.  A few big girls, including me, are already ecstatic!

The Princess Tiana doll retails for $10.99.  The doll is dressed in a bayou wedding dress with shimmering details, tiara with veil, and matching necklace.

Just One Kiss Princess Tiana wears a sparkling blue gown.  She is accompanied by the frog character, Prince Naveen.   According to the manufacturer’s description, when the frog is placed near Princess Tiana for a kiss, her head turns away and she recites one of the phrases from the movie.  On the fourth attempt, the princess submits to a kiss; her dress lights up with firefly lights and makes magical sounds.  The talking version with reptilian companion retails for $24.99.

*While at Target, I stumbled upon The Ultimate Disney Princess Collection, which includes Princess Tiana flanked on the left by Jasmine, Belle, and Sleeping Beauty; and on the right by Cinderella, Snow White, and Ariel. (Ariel is not shown in the cell-camera photo.)  The collection retails for $59.99.  Other marketable Princess Tiana items will follow, but the dolls are certain to excel in popularity.

Respectively, Disney and Mattel deserve kudos for creating the first animated African American princess and for manufacturing the three-dimensional inanimate versions.