Today, I went to Target for a non-doll-related purchase.  While there, I decided to browse the toy department for dolls.  En route to view the dolls, I silently repeated, “I will not buy a doll… I will not buy a doll.”  I saw several interesting dolls but managed to resist… briefly.

So In Style Stylin’ Hair Grace tried very hard to tempt me.  That doll, in the trio of new S.I.S. Stylin’ Hair dolls, is my favorite!  I love her trendy outfit, which matches that of Courtney’s, her separately sold little sister.  My successful resistance warranted a mental pat on the back.   The self-accolade ended abruptly, however, after I ventured to the next aisle where I succumbed.  Purchase Rationale:  Since their cost was only $5.99 each, the mini versions of High School Musical dolls, Chad and Taylor are now part of my collection.

Doll browsing continued as I made note of available and missing-in-manufacture or missing-in-action, dark-skinned dolls:  Sasha is not included in the Moxie Girlz basic doll line nor in their two-doll Best Friends Dollpack.  I did see a Moxie Girlz Magic Hair Torso Sasha.  Moving on, I examined the LIV doll stock where I overheard a young African American girl inform her wheelchair-bound grandmother, “Granny, I want one of these dolls.   Let me show you the one I want.”  She rifled through the boxes, then, in the absence of her preferred doll, pointed to Alexis on the LIV banner.  Smiling, I said, “I have her.”  The little girl looked very surprised and asked, “You do?  Did you get her today?”  I informed that I purchased Alexis two weeks ago.  “I think she’s the prettiest one,” she said.  “I do, too.  That’s probably why she’s sold out here, but I hope you’re able to get one soon,” I replied.  The little girl smiled and followed her granny and the male who accompanied them to the next aisle.  I overheard her express a desire for yet another doll, “Granny, I want this doll for Christmas… Granny, Granny, Granny, I want this doll for Christmas!”  I really wanted to know which doll pulled at the little girl’s heartstrings, but resisted the urge to follow them for fear they would know I was actually doing that.  Instead, I silently said a prayer for the little girl to get that doll, too.

I’m glad I went to Target today for the non-doll-related purchase where I was unable to leave Chad and Taylor behind, and where I derived pure delight in witnessing an African American girl choose dolls that mirror her image.  Christmas came early for me this year.