First Blush Annora from Phyn & Aero

First Blush is the first resin version of Annora. She is available immediately from Phyn & Aero.

The first quarter of 2019 is a busy one for Phyn & Aero. The Robert Tonner/Andrew Yang collaboration is filled with brand-new dolls, old favorites, and classic characters that are getting that oh-so-lovely Tonner touch. Many of the new Phyn & Aero dolls have a radiant pink glow to them — whether it’s their costuming, their makeup, and, in some cases, even their hair!

A brand-new Annora doll in resin is one of the extraordinary 2019 creations. Limited to only 50 pieces, First Blush is the signature vintage-shopping style of Tonner creation, Annora. In this recently released backstory, Annora has received a gift from her old pal, Ellowyne. (For Tonner collectors, this is a piece of good news. Some of the tried-and-true favorites, like Ellowyne, will continue to pop up in the Phyn & Aero catalogue.)

RuffledUp Ellownye Phyn & Aero

Ellowyne has gotten a new facial design for 2019. Shipping in January, Ruffled Up sees Ellowyne in a wild new light.

Ellowyne has presented Annora with a stretch-knit lace blouse. Not known as a girlie girl or a blushing rose, Annora is at first perplexed. “Why pink? Why me? Well … why not?” Tonner imagines Annora trolling different boutiques on her self-declared “shopping therapy days,” and, lucky for her and for us, she discovers a semi-sheer petal skirt. As Annora breathily reports, “It’s a perfect shade of pink to work with the top. I already had a candy-pink sandal that I bought for the last wedding I was in (hated the dress, but I adore the shoes).” Cleverly dyeing a pair of lace tights, cannibalizing a pink-satin sash from a vintage dress, and making the open-work endless scarf, Annora changed a fashion conundrum into a chic fashion statement.

From head to toe, First Blush makes a powerful, and pastel, fashion statement. The new design from Phyn & Aero is available for purchase now!

Best of all, Annora capped off her unique costume with an oversized hat that she spied in a funky shop. The enormous headpiece reminded her of a great big rose: “It’s made of lace and chiffon, and it has a rhinestone button in the middle!” The new First Blush doll and ensemble is priced at $475 and is available for shipping immediately.

Glinda from Nancy Ann Storybook dolls

Phyn & Aero will continue to produce the classic Nancy Ann Storybook dolls. Shown here, shipping the first quarter of 2019, Glinda.

In addition to this sophisticated style guru, Phyn & Aero is also shipping its Nancy Ann Storybook sweethearts. Glinda, the Good Witch of the North, is just one of the dolls that will be heading out the door, and on their way to your front steps. Master artist Dianna Effner sculpts the Nancy Ann dolls, and the Wizard of Oz characters are quite a big deal for 2019.

Wizard of Oz 1939 movie

It’s hard to believe but this quartet of talented performers skipped down the Yellow Brick Road 80 years ago! (Courtesy of Warner Bros./Turner Classic Movies)

The beloved musical, starring Judy Garland, Jack Haley, Ray Bolger, and Bert Lahr, turns 80 years old in 2019. The Nancy Ann version of little Glinda, pretty in soft pink, and her nemesis, the Wicked Witch of the West, will be hitching a ride on a twister as the first quarter of 2019 unfolds. Now, speaking of witches, there is one doll from Phyn & Aero that positively despises the supernatural, the wickedness of witches, and sinful sorcery! Her name is DollFace.

DollFace from Phyn & Aero

DollFace has a bizarre backstory involving a bunch of Frankenstein-like college students and a reincarnated soul from the 17th century!

Yes, DollFace is certainly one of the most unusual dolls from the Phyn & Aero 2019 lineup. Tonner and Yang unveiled her during the 2018 Toy Fair in New York, and the baby-faced witch-hunter is available for purchase now at the website. Clad in a white satin baby-doll dress, with pink panties, pink hair, and a pair of Mary-Jane shoes, DollFace is the most surprising superhero out there. An actual “living” doll, and a fierce defender of mortals, young Lila was killed by witches in the 1600s and has been reincarnated as a life-size BJD.

Robert Tonner of Phyn & Aero

Robert Tonner will continue to challenge himself, and his collectors, with Phyn & Aero.

Sound far-fetched? Yes. Sound improbable? Sure. Sound collectible? You bet! Add a pair of MIT students, seeking to make the perfect woman, Lila’s thirst for revenge agains her occult killers, and Phyn & Aero’s attention to detail, and this BJD has the pedigree to be dangerous and pinkalicious! Have no fear, Robert Tonner‘s imagination will continue to percolate and escalate!