The 2024 mascot, Rosette, was created by Abigail Vollers. The artwork is by Rap1993.

Aug. 9-11, 2024, Clackamas, Oregon

Resin Rose BJD Expo is holding its eighth annual event this August at the Monarch Hotel and Convention Cen­ter in Clackamas, Oregon. It is the largest BJD show on the West Coast and is run by five volunteers. With a Game Night theme, many fun activities await those who attend.

The expo will kick off Friday night with a meet-and-greet banquet where prizes and swag bags will be given out. A swap meet and a pajama party with games and prizes will take place on Saturday evening, and the charity raffles will be included in Sunday’s closing ceremony. A photography room with props and backdrops will be available for use throughout the event, as will a DIY craft­ing room, where attendees can restring and hot-glue suede their dolls, deco­rate headbands, and make plush animals.

Jamie Rist, president and treasurer of the nonprofit orga­nization that puts on the event, said, “Our panel and work­shop schedule is still being finalized, but some of the classes we have lined up so far are Basic Doll Making, Photoshop for Beginners, BJD Restringing 101, Dollhouse Creation in 1/12 Scale, In­troduction to Smart Doll, You Can Safely Work with Chemicals, Wizard’s Tome Workshop, Speed Race Cou­ture, Sewing for BJDs, No-Sew Fantasy Whatever Dress Work­shop, Friend or Foe? You Decide game, and Taking Better Photos with Smart Phone Cameras. More information on our classes can be found at”

Charlotte Arrey
created the 2024 hand logo.
Last year’s vendor hall included dolls by Denver Doll Emporium. Photo by Dennis Whitman
Batchix Dolls are displayed in last year’s vendor hall.
Photo by Dennis Whitman

On both Saturday and Sunday, attendees will have a chance to visit the vendor hall and purchase items from over 60 vendors, including Batchix, Rap1993, Syn­thetic Ephemera, Cirque de Fantomes, Meeksdoll, and Comi Baby Doll. CocoRiang is Resin Rose’s special guest vendor, and Yummy Sweets Dolls is the featured guest. This year’s limited-edition mascot doll, Rosette, is being pro­duced in a rose quartz color by Aura of Synthetic Ephemera.

Rist said, “Last year’s show was our largest yet, and we are excited to see everyone again this August for another fun-filled weekend.”

Resin Rose BJD Expo

Pictured is a prototype of the limited-edition Rosette doll in a rose quartz color. She was designed, produced, and photographed by Aura of Synthetic Ephemera.
R&R (Rainmandoll & Rainmanking) dolls, represented by Project BJD, were in the vendor hall at the 2023 event.
Photo by Dennis Whitman
Attendees can take pictures like this in the expo’s photography area. Photo by Dennis Whitman