I think I am going to start this Visiting Dolly Artist blog, by giving people a blow by blow of my day! I got up at 5 a.m., and fed my 17 animals, soon to 18, as we are taking in a little female cat that twitches. Now for those of you who know me, I have only broken and mostly really elderly animals. So of course why wouldn’t we take the twitcher. Then at 6 a.m., I gave all the medication for the morning. This morning I was already working at 6:30 answering e-mails. Of course our brand-new e-commerce site has some glitches, and I had to e-mail poor Charlene our webmaster on her vacation. At 8 a.m. I ate my breakfast, and Annette left for her “real” job … the one that pays the mortgage. Then I started to get all the shipping together, but of course the dogs needed out. Then I had to call Mom as I do it everyday, and then a storm started to roll in. I had to clean up the backyard and secure everything, as it might be a tornado. By the time I finished all of that, Oscar my Fed Ex guy was at the gate, and only two boxes had the labels on them. Don’t worry Oscar is coming back. In between this, the dogs needed out again, and I shipped my USPS stuff out. After that I sat down to sew a little as I have an auction piece that I volunteered to do, thinking I’d have plenty of time, and, well, I don’t! Finished up nine drawings this weekend for the new fall line, and I had to scan them and copy them to send off to Hong Kong. Answered my e-mails again and did not even get on Facebook, but I did Twitter one line … “There’s a storm coming and I hope there are not a bunch of tiny shoes flying around OZ.”  It’s a little after 11 a.m. here.