Elfdoll Tiny Olivia, dressed in an outfit by Nancie of www.Nankatts.biz.

Elfdoll Tiny Olivia, dressed in an outfit by Nancie of www.Nankatts.biz

Why are some BJDs more costly than others? I’ll share my input. As in most things in life, you get what you pay for. Why do some cost more than others? Here are some reasons:

  • Production location. Dolls made in China cost less than dolls manufactured in Japan. I haven’t yet found a significant quality difference.
  • Materials. Vinyl is less expensive than resin. I prefer resin for its feel and luminescence; plus, it’s easier to clean and customize, and it doesn’t stain easily.
  • Jointing and articulation. Usually, the more articulated the doll, the more expensive. Look for flanged (or covered) joints. This makes the joints less mechanical-looking. In addition, double-jointed elbows and knees are a plus: these allow the doll to kneel sitting on her heels, for example, or touch her face with her hand.
  • Sculpting details. Usually the more expensive sculpts will have more details in their hands, fingers, soles of their feet, and faces. All in all, when comparison shopping, just be certain you’re getting the doll you like the most.
  • Basic doll or full set. A full set BJD includes a face-up, wig, outfit and shoes, plus has often already had the seam lines sanded down. Basic dolls are usually sold a la carte, where you add just the services you’d like to your doll.
  • Finishing touches. Does your doll include applied eyelashes? How detailed is her face-up? What sort of eyes does she have–glass or acrylic? What quality is her wig? Does she come pre-sanded? All of these things increase the doll’s quality, and also her price.

You will find the ball-jointed doll of your dreams, especially if you’re willing to learn a little about the trade first.