Always on the hunt and chase for a particular doll, there is forever an elusive doll from the past that I NEED or a new doll scheduled for release that is running a little behind in getting to market.  Because of this, I am often in a state of limbo, waiting for a particular doll to arrive.  Usually while on the hunt and chase or playing the waiting game, nearly forgotten dolls surface when least expected.

Three months ago, as I browsed the Internet’s most popular auction site, I saw the sweetest face of a longed-for artist doll.  The doll’s price was nearly 50% lower than its original 2005 retail.  The “buy it now” price heightened its desirability.

With another doll commitment at hand, I wondered if I should forego the tempting purchase, and if I did, would I find the doll later for an even better price.  I conducted a completed-auction search to determine, 1) if the doll had sold recently and, 2) at what price.  The same doll had been listed by the same seller at a higher price but the auction ended with zero bids. I took a chance and asked the seller if the “buy it now” price was firm.  The seller’s reply included an offer for an additional $10 discount that I readily accepted.

As an expectant enthusiast, always on the hunt for just one more doll, I have learned it never hurts to ask for a better price.   On the other hand, sometimes haste makes waste.  Recently, the same doll with box sold for over $100 less than my doll’s price. The decision to buy now or wait for a better price is often a gamble.