This beautiful limited-edition doll is Miley by Cassie Brace. Photos by Oksana Shomieva.

DOLLS: What type of dolls do you make?

Oksana Shomieva: I make realistic reborn dolls from sculptors from different parts of the world. And it’s very exciting when you understand how much love is invested in each baby doll. And how many stages of rebirth a reborn doll goes through. First, it is born in the hands of a sculptor. Then their limited number is delivered all over the world to artists, and they are already loved at that moment. Finally, the artists take up the revival, putting all their love into each specific work. It’s unbeatable!

DOLLS: How did you get your start in dollmaking?

Shomieva: I remember how, back in 2007, I saw the first reborn doll for me on one of the social networks in the news feed. It was just a miracle for me because, growing up in Ukraine in a poor family with many children, I could only dream about dolls. Since then, already being a mother on maternity leave, I began to dream of learning to paint these beautiful works of art.

DOLLS: Is your dollmaking influenced by anything in particular?

Shomieva: It is only love for beauty — the realism of their painting, warmth, kindness, and pacification. I use only high-quality materi­als in my works. I try to make baby dolls as realistic as possible and put all my love, warmth, and care into them while working on each doll. I prefer rooted dolls, and my works are mono-rooted, so look­ing at a reborn doll, it can easily be confused with a real baby. It is also incredibly nice to realize that my works help people. In 2018, in Kyiv, in the Bell Tower of the Kyiv Pechersk Lavra, the exhibi­tion “Angels, those… that are always near” was held. A year later, I learned that one guest persuaded volunteers to let her hold Sum­mer Rain. A year later, the woman held her own dream baby. I re­ally appreciate the fact that my reborn babies make people happier.

DOLLS: What do you like most about dollmaking?

Shomieva: I like the final rooting process the most. A lot de­pends on the color of the mohair, rooting style, and hairstyle. Unsuccessful rooting can have a bad effect on the final appear­ance of the reborn doll. I also really like to buy clothes for dolls and change the look of the doll.

DOLLS: Who are the intended buyers of your dolls?

Shomieva: My buyers are collectors from all over the world who have dolls on display but who don’t mind playing with the dolls a little. It is wonderful when they bring positive emotions to their owners. Some collections will have five or more reborn dolls made by me, and some have less. I’ll be honest, I’m very happy about it.

DOLLS: Where can your dolls be purchased?

Shomieva: My dolls can be purchased by contacting me on so­cial networks, on my nursery page Oksana Shomeva Dolls, or on the website I will always be happy to make someone’s dream come true.

DOLLS: Is there anything else you would like DOLLS readers to know about your work?

Shomieva: My buyers can be sure that they will always receive a reborn doll of the highest quality because, in my works, I use the best materials. I work only with original kits that I buy from verified dealers in Europe. Each doll has a certificate of authen­ticity, if it is provided in the kit, and a certificate of authenticity from me as the artist. My dolls have mono-rooted mohair, hu­man, or (rarely) painted hair. They also have a magnetic pacifier that comes with the doll. At the request of the client, I can make the doll heavier. I am also happy to accept orders.

In this photo, you can see the details of the face painting of the limited-edition reborn doll John John by Tay Freitas.
Shayan is a reborn doll from Bountiful Baby. The girl is painted as a biracial baby and has curly mono-rooted mohair. She is wearing a hand-knitted outfit from Broksa of Ukraine.
This is an example of mono-rooted mohair.
Quinlyn was sculpted by Bonnie Brown and Adrie Stoete.

Oksana Shomeva Dolls