The Industry’s Choice winners in this year’s Dolls Awards of Excellence have been selected based on ratings assigned by more than 50 professionals from all walks of the doll world. Watch the video to see who won:

The Industry’s Choice winners went on to become the nominees for the Public’s Choice awards, selected by DOLLS readers. The Public’s Choice ballot appeared in DOLLS August/September issue in early August, and the voting is now closed.

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Spoiler Alert

If you want to watch the video to find out who won, don’t scroll further. Below is a list of this year’s winners:

2022 Dolls Awards of Excellence Industry’s Choice Winners

Standard Categories

Fantasy Doll
Atley/Adeleigh by Rose Lacefield, bbflocklin
Elinda from Ruby Red Fashion Friends
Professor Dumbledore Ultimate Year Two Portrait from Ashton-Drake Galleries

Baby Doll
Cameron by Laura Tuzio-Ross, My World of Babies
Everett by Dawn Donofrio, DD Artdolls
Rainbow by Lorraine Yophi, Yophi Babies

Child Doll
Apolonia by Zofia & Henry Zawieruszynski, Zawieruszynski Originals
Evianna from Dianna Effner Dolls
Maggie by Linda Macario, Linda Macario Dolls
Noelle by Beverly Stoehr, Beverly Stoehr Originals
Tia by Miroslava Brodlova, Meadow Dolls

Teen/Adult Doll
Amara by Pat Moulton, Pat Moulton Original Dolls
Celeste by Anna Maryina, Dolls by Anna
Claire, Dinner in Paris, 1928 by Sarah Maldonado, Ms Mollie O Porcelain Art Dolls
Georgiana by Kathleen Hill, Kathleen Hill Studio
Ronin by Elena Kochurova, Amicus Dolls

OOAK Baby/Child
Addison by Melinda Wood
Sara by Mayra Garza, Mayra Garza Fine Art Doll Artist
Sonya by Sima Valenzuela

OOAK Teen/Adult
Edie by Cindee Moyer
Mascarado by Esther Manso
Rapunzel by LuLu Tatum, LuLu Tatum Original Art

Special Categories

Doll Fashions
Everleigh in Fall by Shai Hoffer, Little Miss Shai (Model: Ruby Red Fashion Friends repaint)
French Princess by Dal Rosario Lowenbein (Model: Silkstone Barbie Parisienne Pretty)
Waterfall by Julie Manley (Model: Integrity Toys Kyori Sato Karma)

Kaylee by April Norton, Aprilart Dolls (Original: Boneka)
Rosa by Fiorenza Biancheri, The Magic of Dolls (Original: Ruby Red Fashion Friends)
Tina by Laura Corti, Laura Corti Dolls (Cast from Tina mold by Dianna Effner)

Reborn/Silicone Kit
Cameron by Jaclyn Donohue, Jackie’s Reborn Nursery (Sculpt by Laura Tuzio Ross)
Finley by Stacey Haskins (Sculpt by Bonnie Sieben)
Jayden by Maria Grover, Maria Lynn Dolls (Sculpt by Natalie Scholl)
Meili by Sueli Gonzalez-Cottone (Sculpt by Ping Lau)
Sarah by Susan Gibbs (Sculpt by Alejandra de Zúñiga)