In case you need some prompting to get that doll you’ve been thinking about, here are ten great reasons to make the purchase today.

  1. You find your grail doll at a great price.
  2. It’s raining, it’s pouring, your favorite on-line doll shop is having a sale. (So it doesn’t rhyme. I’m a doll addict. Does it have to be in iambic pentameter, too?)
  3. The collector selling the doll needs the money worse than you do (or you can come up with a better excuse as to where the money went).
  4. You don’t really need to get your hair dyed professionally this month–last month, the drugstore brand you used only earned three negative comments.
  5. You found three double entries while reconciling your checking account–that’s free money, and hey, finders keepers!
  6. You cleaned out the van and found $32.43 in loose change. Plus, you “found” a twenty dollar bill in your husband’s jeans while doing laundry. Finders keepers!
  7. You really mean it when you say, “Leave the toilet seat down!” What better way to tell it like you mean it than buy a new doll?
  8. You stuck to your diet every day this week (except for two), and you deserve a reward.
  9. The kids really like eating cereal for dinner, and they complain when you “cook” anyway.
  10. You find your grail doll at a great price. (I know, I already mentioned this, but you should take this reason very, very seriously.)