Stacia McDonough of Neva Dolls, known for her exquisite Russia-inspired pieces, was recently chosen as the featured artist for the The Doll and Toy Museum of New York. “The Toy Museum is a wonderful institution. It is an honor that they chose me as their featured artist,” says McDonough of the award. “I was born in New York so that just makes it extra special!”

The museum’s board of directors chooses artists based not only on artistic talent but also on the educational merit an artist’s work possesses. Skillfully rendered and steeped in Russian history, folklore and costume, McDonough’s work does just that.

Museum director Marlene Hochman says, “One of the most important characteristics we look for is how the artist gives back to the community, and McDonough is very generous with her help to our museum and to other charities. … We want to see more doll artists follow her lead by doing more for others.”