The Queen’s Treasures®

The Queen’s Treasures®
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The Queen’s Treasures®
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Since 2005, The Queen’s Treasures® has been making high-quality heirloom items for the popular 18″ doll fan. We specialize in safety-tested, affordable 18″ dolls, furniture and accessories made to last for generations! When quality counts and safety matters, choose The Queen’s Treasures®.

Doll Fashions

The Queen’s Treasures® offers an exquisite selection of high-quality American Style 18-inch girl doll clothes. In addition to a variety of complete doll outfits, we offer 18″ doll shoes with molded soles…making them so realistic you won’t believe they are sized for 18” dolls! Pair shoes with a matching handbag! We also have 15” baby doll clothing…check out our matching twin outfits!

Accessories and Miniatures

The Queen’s Treasures® authentically designed 18” doll accessories range from doll shoes to sleeping bags and even real-looking cookies and cupcakes! American history is honored with vintage flair in our kitchenware collection. We have school supplies for dolls, as well as wooden hangers and doll steamer storage trunks! Our entire line inspires imagination and creative play!

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Phone Number: 570-424-7333

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777 North 5th Street
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