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The October 2023 issue of DOLLS is 48 full-color pages and includes articles on BJD artists Virginia Lee, Mazarine Blue, and Sandy Anderson; paper doll artist Diana Vining; sculptor Dawn Donofrio; and the memorable Madame Alexander. 

8 Family Matters 
Sandy Anderson and Her Family Blend Retro Whimsy With Futuristic Technology 
By Stephanie Finnegan 

12 Drawn to Paper Dolls 
Diana Vining Combines Lifelong Passions 
By Hannah Kelley 

16 A Nod to Nostalgia 
Vintage Styling and Pre-Loved Fabrics Distinguish Virginia Lee’s Darling Dolls 
By Stephanie Finnegan 

22 Absolutely Blue-tiful 
Jungsuk Ko’s Mazarine Blue Doll Line Evolves and Expands 
By Wil Peterson 

26 Halloween Tricks & Treats 
Artists Share Their Halloween Creations 

28 Conversations With Madame  
Memories of Madame Alexander Bring Lasting Joy 
By A. Glenn Mandeville 

32 Boomerang 
Dawn Donofrio Returns to Doll Sculpting 
By Diana Jones 

39 Phone Photos 
How To Take Sharp Pictures for Doll IDs, Appraisals 
By Joyce Greenholdt 

6 Editor’s Notebook 
36 Doll Scene 
37 Portraits 
38 Shows of Note 
42 Curious Collector 
44 Paper Doll 
46 Event Calendar 
46 Classifieds 
46 Advertiser Index 

On the Cover: Virginia Lee made full sets of dolls for this year’s Modern Doll Collectors Convention. Like this doll in a cinnamon resin, they were dressed in pre-loved vintage doll clothes and had dollies of their own.