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The March 2024 issue of DOLLS features 48 full-color pages and includes articles on fantasy doll artists, as well as a special section on reborn and lifelike baby dolls! 


8 Buckets of Fun 
Kailyn Carr Creates Uniquely Compelling BJDs  
By Wil Peterson 

12 Alternate Realities 
Jo Sammons Puts the “Other” in Her Otherworldly Creations 
By Stephanie Finnegan 

R1 DOLLS Presents Reborns & Lifelike Babies 

R3 Quality Is Key
After Nearly 40 Years of Making Dolls and Memories, Ashton-Drake Remains Committed to Excellence  
By Stephanie Finnegan 

R7 From the Darkness 
Painting Lifelike Dolls Becomes Christine Woolley’s Silver Lining 
By Hannah Kelley 

R11 Drink-and-Wet Dolls 
Betsy Wetsy and Tiny Tears 
By Judith Izen 

R15 Beautiful Babies 
Artists Present Reborns and Lifelike Baby Dolls 

33 Felted Fantasies 
Phillipa Lawrence Works Her Magic With a Needle and Fiber 
By Hannah Kelley 

38 Dreams Brought to Life 
Artists Share Their Fantasy-Themed Creations 

6 Editor’s Notebook 
40 Doll Scene 
42 Curious Collector 
43 Portraits 
44 Paper Doll 
46 Event Calendar 
46 Classifieds 
46 Advertiser Index