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The July 2023 issue of DOLLS is 64 full-color pages. This issue is our special annual Debut of Dolls collector’s edition! Inside, you’ll find articles on more than 30 dollmakers, including Elizabeth Cooper, Dianna Effner Dolls, Lauren Faith Jaimes, Madame Alexander (celebrating their centennial), Maria Lynn Dolls, Meadowdolls, Kaye Wiggs, and more! Plus, we have previews of several summer doll shows and our column on vintage dolls. 

10 Madame Alexander’s Centennial 
American Legend Celebrates 100 Years of Kindness, Quality, Innovation 
By Stephanie Finnegan 

15 Maria Lynn Dolls 
Silicone Babies From Sculpt To Finish 

16 Ksheyna Nightswood 
Combines Love of Art, Fantasy    in OOAK Dolls 

18 Sandy Anderson 
‘BJDs Lit a Spark’ 
By Sandy Anderson 

19 Laura Corti 
Devotes Herself to Effner Designs 

20 Kathleen Hill 
Creates OOAK Ensembles for Fashionable Ladies 

20 Brenda Mize 
Continues To Create 

22 Dianna Effner 
Legendary Artist’s Legacy Continues With New Dolls, Book 
By Wil Peterson 

24 Kim Arnold 
Balances Life, Dollmaking 
By Kim Arnold 

26 Maru and Friends 
New Releases Celebrate Doll Line’s 15th Anniversary 
By Pam North 

28 Virginia Lee 
BJD Artist Unveils New Faces, Physiques, and Patterns 
By Wil Peterson 

29 Angie Schoenfelder 
Focuses on Creating Wigs 
By Angie Schoenfelder 

30 Meadowdolls 
Miroslava Brodlova, Charlene Smith Tend Their Partnership 
By Stephanie Finnegan 

33 Joyce Mathews 
Branches Out Into BJDs 

34 JC Toys 
Releases New Dolls Throughout the Year 

35 Lauren Faith Jaimes 
Finds Inspiration in Family 

36 OurArt by Rita 
Twin Sisters Form Dollmaking Partnership 
By Pam North 

37 Judy Harris 
Aims To Sew for More Dolls 

38 Elizabeth Cooper 
Marks Three Decades of Dollmaking 

38 Erin Green 
Expands Cottontail Clothing Line 

40 Latidoll 
Korean BJD Maker Renews Pet, Green Lines for 2023 

42 April Norton 
Paints Porcelain, Effner Dolls 
By April Norton 

42 Shawna Burnell 
Plans a Special Reborn Fairy Release 

43 Annette Herrmann 
Designs and Dresses BJDs 

44 Star Shea 
Combines Goth Aesthetic, Rainbow Colors 
By Star Shea 

46 Casie Brabham 
Is Hooked on Custom Blythes 

48 Rachel Sherrod 
Finds Inspiration in History 

48 Edith Schmidt 
Sews Quality BJD Clothes 

50 Kaye Wiggs 
Finds New Production Partner 

50 Beverly Stoehr 
Sculpts Kids From Babies to Toddlers 

51 Porcelain Classics 
Launches ‘Dolliance Days’ in June 
By Jennie Sykes 

52 World of EPI 
Fresh New Designs Aim To Inspire Children 

59 Best Friends Collectables 
Marks 45 Years in Business 

8 Editor’s Notebook
54 Curious Collector 
56 Shows of Note 
59 Portraits 
60 Paper Doll 
62 Event Calendar 
62 Classifieds 
62 Advertiser Index