Doll collectors show their dolls all dressed up and ready for a variety of spring holidays.

Linda Shypulefski said, “All my dolls in this picture are from my Madame Alexander collection of Wendykins. Some are bent knee, some straight leg. As Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and Easter are close this year, each shelf celebrates a different holiday. Outfits are either Alexander or Vogue Ginny. The non-MA in the back is a stuffed doll from my childhood.” 

Valentine’s Day

Mary Basden’s doll Marley — a 20-inch vinyl and cloth doll by Helen Kish — is ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day. 
“My sweet Colette is sharing her favorite Valentine Card,” Cheryl Mahoney said. She added, “Colette is a reproduction Huret French Fashion doll. Her lovely bisque head was cast and painted by Branka Schärli and is on the Dollspart jointed resin body. Colette’s pale-pink striped silk dress, with antique wedding hanky bodice overlay and red trim, was designed and made by the very talented Lynda Chase.” 
This King Kong Barbie doll with a made-to-move body shows off her Monster High accessories while wearing an outfit by Mattel. “She is my Cupid,” Sara Massa said. 
Theresa Wagner, of SewCreativeByTheresa, dressed her dolls Stella, Pearl, and Larger than Life Lulu by Connie Lowe in Valentine’s Day outfits she designed and made. 
Martha McCracken said, “Neema, Gene, and Brenda Starr are waiting for their dates to arrive.” Neema and her dress are from the Robert Tonner Virtual Doll Convention collection. Brenda Starr is also by Tonner, while Gene is by Mel Odom. 
For Valentine’s Day, Sophie Delnaud said Oskar gave flowers to his girlfriend, Romy, who put them in her hair. Oskar was made by Sylvia Natterer for Käthe Kruse. Minouche Romy was designed by Natterer for Petitcollin. 
Hannah Taylor arranged a Galentine’s Day picnic brunch for her American Girl, Ruby Red Fashion Friend, and My London Girl dolls. Taylor said, “Joss gets to sit at the table because it’s her birthday on the sweetest day of the year! The theme is pink, and each doll came dressed for the occasion. The exception is Logan Everett, who donned the apron and chef’s hat to cook and prepare the picnic for the gals. Happy Galentine’s Day, Dolls!” 

St. Patrick’s Day

Suzanne McDonough said, “Robert Tonner’s Ellowyne is ready for St. Patrick’s Day. She is wearing fashion pieces from the Virtual Doll Convention’s Mix and Match collection. Accompanying her is Tonner’s Wilde Imagination Imperium Park Phin.” 
With their Irish dance outfits on, Sara Ross’ American Girl dolls are all set for St. Patrick’s Day. 
“Duncan and Willa, 1960s original Thomas Dam trolls, are enjoying a St. Patrick’s Day stroll through peaceful green meadows wearing classic-style custom outfits designed by me,” Shelley Smith said. 


“This is a vintage doll from my collection,” Lynn Burns said. “She is a vintage Effanbee doll from the 1960s sporting a vintage bunny suit and posing with her Easter basket/toys.” 
Arranged in Janice Elizabeth Berte’s living room are her Zapf doll (PJ), two Thumbelina dolls (little Thumbie and big Thumbie), and Gino (green hat). They are posing with there bunny friends for Easter. The outfits were given to Berte by her friends. 
Marie Cluster said her dolls “are celebrating Easter food by Chef Gina! All having a happy Easter!” Attendees include Neema, a Robert Tonner doll in an outfit from the Virtual Doll Convention collection; Grace, another doll by Tonner wearing an outfit from Club Grace; a small doll by Helen Kish; and an Easter Bunny by Mattel. 
Pat Moulton said, “This is Bryn, an 8-inch BJD baby in resin. I am the sculptor and my husband (Garel) is the moldmaker and resin-caster here in the USA. I handmade her nightie and hat. She is lying in a slumber.” 
Katrine Isayev, of Arina fashions, dressed her Mattel Poodle Parade Barbie reproduction in an Easter morning outfit she made. 
“Emily is at her gradmother’s house with her favorite bunny, waiting for the Easter egg hunt,” Joyce Hotra said. The doll, Emily’s Easter, was designed by Pauline Bjonness-Jacobsen. 
Beverly Hart is celebrating Easter with her Madame Alexander Tiny Betty Easter doll, who is dressed for the occasion.