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Home Manufacturers Annette Himstedt Annette Himstedt Closes Her Manufactory's Doors
Annette Himstedt Closes Her Manufactory's Doors
Written by Carie Ferg   
Monday, 05 January 2009 00:00
annette-himstedt-portraitAfter introducing her first vinyl collection 22 years ago in 1986, legendary dollmaker Annette Himstedt has made the decision to cease production. The combination of using increasingly higher quality materials through the years, resulting in increased production costs, and the downturn in the economy, are key factors in Himstedt’s decision. The years from 2003 to 2007 resulted in big losses for the company. Orders received by mid-November will be fulfilled, but thereafter the company will cease production.


What follows is an excerpt from the letter Himstedt wrote collectors upon closing her manufactory’s doors: “I think that the last collections will become as popular as my first collection in 1986 was at the time. I am sure that they will increase in value.

“I have spent nearly a quarter of a century in my manufactory and worked there with passion, much discipline and a lot of idealism.

“I have enjoyed working with my team, whom I would like to thank once more for their hard work and commitment. Some of them have been with me since the very beginning.

“I thank my collectors and retailers for their faithfulness over the years.

“I have experienced many highs as well as a few lows during this time, but the pleasure I have been able to bring to collectors worldwide has always been the central driving force for me.

“I hope that Himstedt collectors will continue to cherish all the different dolls that were created and lovingly crafted from the manufactory here in Paderborn.

“I am sure that I’ll remain in the world of dolls in some shape or form, but how exactly this will be I don’t know yet. One thing is certain though: It won’t be with a manufactory,” she closes.

Danny and Barrie Shapiro, who own The Toy Shoppe in Richmond, Va., share a close relationship with the artist, and speak to what she lent the industry. “From our first meeting with Annette at the Nuremberg Toy Fair in 1986, our friendship blossomed. It has been over 23 years: We both had teenagers then—now we have grandchildren!“

Annette pioneered a new movement in the world of contemporary dolls with her realistic, life-size child dolls.  Larger, more expressive, with a unique blend of realism and emotion. ... Her totally new concept in dolls became the desire of our collectors worldwide. Striving to create something new and different without limitations on creativity or innovations, Annette succeeded beyond anyone’s wildest imagination, becoming the world’s most celebrated and influential dollmaker. We are proud to say The Toy Shoppe has been with Annette every step of her incredible journey. In fact, we were the very first shoppe to offer her dolls in North America!“

Annette’s outstanding achievements will long be cherished and she will always be remembered for her amazing contribution to the world of dolls. We admire her creativity, her artistic integrity, her sensitivity to the delights of children, and, most of all, her delightful sense of humor and warm friendship.”

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lucky you Mary Jane! I could never afford one, however I always thought that her dolls were the best ever! I always admired them from my dolls magazines.
R. Turner , July 25, 2012
And ironically, prices for her dolls have never been higher on Ebay.
DJ Dunkerley , March 23, 2009 | url
Excellent Article, Annette is my favorite dollmaker!!! I will treasure the dolls I have from her.!!!!!
Mary Jane , March 11, 2009

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