Sunshine Artist magazine - 11/2023 - Digital

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14 Pack Up – But Not Too Early
Promoters explain their end-of-show policies and procedures.

20 How Artists Market
Find out which marketing methods are most successful.

22 Make Craft Photos Shine
Use these tips to give your photos extra sparkle.

26 Establish a Home Studio
Learn which permits and licenses are needed for your space.

31 Is an Artist Collective Right for You?
Discover the benefits of joining with other artists.

33 A Leap of Faith
An artist reflects on the founding of an artist collective.

35 Festival Layout Plans
Two promoters share how they create the footprints for their shows.

37 Taking the First Wholesale Steps
Prepare to exhibit at a trade show and launch your wholesale business.


6 Editor’s Note
8 Life on the Road
41 Event Listing Index
45 Event Listings
83 Show Reviews
109 Advertiser Index
110 HeARTbeat

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