Piper Magazine - 10/2021 - Digital

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October 2021
What’s inside...

8 Featured Plane: Cherokee 140
Market Report & Owners Guide
By Rocky Landsverk

18 Owner’s Perspective
By Thomas Hughes

20 Avionics
uAvionix Revisited
By Bob Hart

Avionics Article Links: These are referenced in this story.
uAvionix AV-30
uAvionix AV-Link
uAvionix AV-20-S EFIS Back-Up Attitude Instrument
uAvionix tailBeaconX/skyBeaconX
uAvionix independent testing of the tailBeacon
uAvionix/ForeFlight Sentry
uAvionix/ForeFlight Sentry Mini
uAvionix echoUAT
uAvionix pingStation 2

24 Sky Talk
Now’s the Time to Talk Financing
By Scott “Sky” Smith

28 DIY: Restore Your Interior
Part 2: Seat Covers
By Scott Sherer

34 I Have a Dream
PIREPS are Key to Making Alaska Aviation Safer
By Jim Gibertoni

46 Hangar Tip
Piper Yoke Control Saver
By Scott Sherer

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