Piper Magazine - 10/2019

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October 2019

What’s inside …

8 Featured Plane: Piper Tomahawk
A trainer to compete with the Cessna 152
By Bill Cox

16 Avionics
Aspen to the MAX!
The “new” EFD1000 Pro Max
By Bob Hart

20 Maintenance
Preflight Like a Rookie
Why student pilots preflight better
By John Loughmiller

24 Lessons From the Logbook
20 Tips for VFR Flying
By Bill Cox

28 Sky Talk
Fall Checkup
Keep your airplane airworthy through the cold
By Scott “Sky” Smith

34 Bold Warrior
Upgrade your Warrior to Arrow-Level performance
By Scott Sherer

46 Hangar Tip
Start Your Preflight With the Pilot
By Scott Sherer

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