Piper Magazine - 08/2015 - Digital

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How to Perform a Perfect Slip … and make all your pilot friends jealous!
By Jim Cavanagh

24 Caribbean Air Rally: Sixth Edition
By Catherine Tobenas

44 Aerobatics in an Everyday Airplane
By Catherine Cavagnaro

50 Tired of the Singles Scene? Try Flirting with Twins!
By Jim Cavanagh


10 Safety Corner – The Oft-overlooked Parking Brake
By Thomas P. Turner

34 Featured Plane – The Aerostar 700: Still the Fastest
By Bill Cox

58 Lessons from the Logbook
21 Tips for the Pattern
By Bill Cox

66 Under the Cowling
7 Tried & True Tips to Remove Stubborn Screws and Rusted Bolts
By Jacqueline Shipe

74 Circle of Flight
Flight Following is Your Friend
By Tom Machum

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