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June 2018
What’s inside …


8 Featured Plane
Perfect Compromise
Archer is the Best Balance of Power,
Performance and Economy
By Bill Cox

14 Avionics
Legacy Avionics:
A Concern for the Future?
By Bob Hart

22 The View from My Hangar
Air-Oil Separators
Do I Need One?
By Erich Rempert

28 Tips & Tales from the Left Seat
This and That
By Joel Turpin

32 That Thing Out Front
An Introduction to Aircraft Propellers
By Jim Cavanagh

40 Sky Talk
How Medical Situations Can Affect Your Pilot Ticket …
and Possibly Your Insurance, Too!
By Scott “Sky” Smith

46 Hangar Tip
I Don’t Put “Air” in My Tires
… And Neither Should You!
By Erich Rempert


5 From the Publisher

6 From the Forum
An Update on Member Activity from our
Online Community

44 On Approach
Aviation News & Announcements

45 Advertiser Index & Website Directory

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