Piper Magazine - 05/2023

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May 2023

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8 Featured Plane
A Bold New Arrow Flies
Larry Hicks’ Classic Plane Showcases Premium Paint and Upgrades
By Stephanie Finnegan
Deer Horn Aviation: https://www.deerhornaviation.com

18 Avionics
TKM and More
By Bob Hart
TKM Avionics: https://tkmavionics.com

22 Sky Talk
Do Runways Matter? Off Airport Operations and Safety
By Scott “Sky” Smith
FAA Off Airport Ops Guide

26 Bringing an Arrow II Back to Life
Dana Burns’ Dream Becomes Reality
By Elizabeth Gibbs

36 5 Keys to Aircraft Prebuy Success
By Scott Sellers

44 Industry News

46 Hangar Tip
Window Replacement and Tinting
By Scott Sherer
Arrow Side Window Replacement
How to Install Sun-Blocking Window Film

Member Activity
38 Member Q&A
Pilot CO Charger: https://www.design4pilots.com/categories/useful/products/pilot-co-charger
Forensics CO Detector: https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/pspages/forensics_13-22019.php?clickkey=6595

40 Member Photos

6 From the Editor
45 Advertising Index

On the Cover: Photo of Larry Hicks’ 1972 Piper Arrow by Jack Fleetwood (www.JackFleetwood.com).

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