Piper Magazine - 05/2017 - Digital

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MAY 2017
In this issue:


10 – Lightspeed Aviation & the Evolution of the Modern Headset
By Bob Hart

20 – NextGen Update: Did you know?
By Scott Sherer

34 – Panel Annals
Part 2: “Out with the Old”
By Tom Machum


22 – Tips & Tales from the Left Seat
Instrument Approaches and Departures from Uncontrolled Fields
By Joel Turpin

28 – Featured Plane
Piper Chieftain: The Popsicle Run
By Bill Cox

38 – Zen and the Art of Aircraft Ownership
The RIGHT way to Clean Your Yoke Tubes
By Scott Sherer

40 – Lessons from the Logbook
Engine Break-in: Easier than You Think
By Bill Cox

45 – Sky Talk
“Training? I don’t need no stinkin’ training!”
By Scott “Sky” Smith

50 – Circle of Flight
The “Purple” Line
By Tom Machum

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