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The March 2019 issue of DOLLS features 48 four-color pages. This issue includes DOLLS’ including our first annual Doll Directory — your guide to doll artists, manufacturers, retailers, show organizers, and more! Plus, this issue features a story on Brenda Mize, with tips on heirloom sewing for dolls, and a special 16-page DOLLS Presents Reborns section, with articles on Susan Gibbs, Laura Tuzio-Ross, and Yophi Babies.


Doll Directory

8 Artists, Designers & Manufacturers
33 Doll Fashions & Accessories
34 Retailers & Craft Suppliers
37 Dollmaking Teachers / Instruction
38 Show Organizers
39 Clubs / Collector & Professional Organizations
39 Other


40 Costumed Keepsakes: Brenda Mize’s dolls in heirloom-sewn attire will be treasured for decades
By Stephanie Finnegan

DOLLS Presents Reborns

R3 Reborn Yesterday: The world of reborns led Susan Gibbs to a second career
By Stephanie Finnegan

R6 Beloved Babies: Laura Tuzio-Ross loves to share her art
By Sharon Verbeten

R10 Yophi Babies: Artists aim for ever-greater realism
By Sharon Verbeten

R14 Reborn Roundup


6 Editor’s Letter
42 Paper Doll
44 Curious Collector
44 Classifieds
44 Advertiser Index
45 Event Calendar
45 Portraits
46 Antique Q&A

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