Cessna Owner Magazine - 11/2023 - Digital

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8 Featured Plane
The All-Around Skywagon
Zach Wright’s Restored 1979 A185F Taildragger Does It All!
By Zach Wright

20 Avionics
Situational Awareness: ForeFlight
By Bob Hart

26 Sky Talk
Do You Need Renter’s Insurance?
By Scott “Sky” Smith

30 Not Your Father’s Salvage
BAS Parts Sales Offers Quality Parts on a Cutting-Edge Website
By Stephanie Finnegan

38 Maintenance Test Flights for GA Pilots
By Jerry LeCroy, A&P/IA

42 A Maintenance-Induced Emergency
One Owner’s Close Call
By Scott Sherer

44 Industry News

46 Hangar Tip
Correcting Headset Mistakes
By Jack Boyd

Member Activity
43 Member Q&A
6 From the Editor
45 Advertising Index

On the Cover: Photo of Zach Wright’s 1979 A185F Skywagon by Jack Fleetwood (www.JackFleetwood.com).

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