Cessna Owner Magazine - 10/2014 - Digital

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October 2014

8 Safety Corner: Instructing in Your Own Plane Doesn’t Have to be Risky
By Mike Adams

10 A Pilot’s Response to the Mainstream Media’s Latest Attack on GA
By Jim Cavanagh

18 Lessons: Fly Cheap! (at least cheaper): 3 Tricks to Trim Fuel Costs
By Bill Cox

24 Hunting from the Air: If You’re Gonna Use A Plane, You Better be Frank Buck!
By Floyd Allen

32 Reimagined Aircraft: AOPA Testing New Ways to Open Doors to Aviation

36 Featured Plane: Cessna 175, Gared for Performance
By Bill Cox

42 Under the Cowling: Valve Clearances and Hydraulic Lifters
By Jacqueline Shipe

64 What to Know: Say “No” to Seat Slippage — Maintenance, AD Compliance and Secondary Seat Stops!
By Tom Ferguson

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