Barbie Collector Winter 2007

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In the Winter 2007 issue of Barbie Collector we take a look back at some of the dolls you may have been given as a child, given to a child or wish to receive in order to feel like a child again. First there is our cover doll, the 2007 Holiday™ Barbie®. She is from a long line of holiday series dolls, dating back to 1988. This line has spawned many a collector, including Chris Jenson, who wrote our Reminiscences column. In addition, there is a look at other issues with a holiday theme. Remember the 1998 Holiday Treats dolls? Or, how about the Hallmark holiday exclusives? The list of dolls inspired by the season goes on and on, giving Barbie® collectors reason upon reason for celebration.


38 Covergirl

34 Behind the Scenes

62 The Gift of Collecting

44 Special Themes

48 Studio Scene

58 Ponytail Pick-Me-Up

54 Vintage View


18 Gotta Have It

32 Hurray

24 Expert Q&A

28 Style File

50 This ‘n That


10 Editor’s Desk

14 Happenings

66 Reminiscences

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