Getting into the holiday spirit, some talented artists fashioned dolls, clothing, and accessories specifically for the season. Take a look at their festive creations!

Jeannie by Debbie Adkins
Jeannie, who was created using Dianna Effner’s 14-inch sculpt, has been transformed into an adorable gingerbread-loving girl. (
Gloria Tree Topper by Brenda Mize
Gloria is a 10.5-inch tree topper doll handcrafted by Mize using the Little Darling face sculpt by Dianna Effner. This doll has a porcelain torso, head, and arms. She wears a festive ensemble consisting of a white satin-like skirt edged with lace, a white bodice with gold sparkles, matching arm warmers, and a wire-edged decorative ribbon that goes around her shoulders. She holds a miniature sisal tree in one hand and a tiny bible in her other arm. (,, 512-552-0787)
Holly by Marlene Xenis
A limited edition of 15, Holly is a 12-inch wooden ball-jointed doll. “We made a musical sled to go with her, playing Walking in a Winter Wonderland,” said Xenis, who also designed and made the outfit. (,
Christmas Elves by Elizabeth Cooper
Cooper said these two OOAK elves are “working overtime on the line to complete Christmas orders.” When seated, they are 5.5 inches tall, and the materials used to make them include polymer clay, fabric, paint, wood, and mohair. (,, 585-798-3171)
Reindeer Santa by Carol Johansen
This 22-inch, OOAK doll was made using polymer clay, Genesis and acrylic paints, velvet and cotton fabrics, faux fur, and mohair. Johansen said, “Santa holds his reindeer staff and a basket of goodies for a good little boy or girl. He has a ‘Magic Key’ on his belt to open the doors of homes without a fireplace.” (,
Jacob/Jacee by Victoria Jane Perry
A limited edition of 15, each doll is 19.25 inches long. The doll was sculpted with tinfoil and tape that was then covered in Super Sculpey clay before being molded with Dragon Skin 10 and cast in Platinum Ecoflex 20 and Slacker. Every detail is painted by hand, and the hair is microrooted with yearling mohair from Silk Effex Mohair. Perry said, “Jacob/Jacee was a portrait sculpt of Elijah. He is the grandson of a good friend of mine, Carol Manoukian. This was the first portrait sculpt for someone. We made a joint effort until we were both satisfied. I enjoyed the process.” Photo by Lindsay Marie Thompson, of Inspired by Soul Photography
Custom Gotz Little Kidz Zoe by Terry Lambert
In addition to handmaking the outfit, Lambert customized this 14-inch vinyl doll by removing the original rooted hair and replacing it with a new wig; adding new OOAK resin eyes; repainting the face and body; and performing a manicure and pedicure. (
Brooke by April Norton
Brooke is a sculpt by Dianna Effner. She has a full porcelain body with five points of articulation and is in a permanent seated position. Dressed in a pleated dress, a sweater, and striped tights, her outfit is finished off with a matching tam and patent leather shoes. The chest she is sitting on is included. (,, 519-433-8888)
Amber by Kimlieu Nguyen
A handmade, OOAK doll, Amber is made of polymer clay and wearing a fall-themed outfit. (
Autumn by Kathy Bergen 
Autumn-colored fabrics, polyester stuffing, embroidery floss, yarn, glue, and acrylic paint were used to create this 23-inch doll. “This is a doll that I made from a commercial pattern, slightly modified. I have inserted pipe cleaners into each of her fingers and up into her forearms so she can hold things and be posed in different positions,” Bergen said. (,