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Eyes of Texas Dolls by Brenda Mize –

“It’s All In The Eyes”

Photo Gallery

If you see an Eyes of Texas Doll on either this booth or the website that you would like to have and it is out of stock, Brenda can create a custom doll for you that closely resembles the one in the photos. Since each doll is OOAK, she will strive towards creating your doll to closely look like the original.

Click on a photo for larger images.

How to Purchase

Making purchases on the Eyes of Texas Dolls website is probably the easiest way
but Brenda can be emailed at or contacted via phone at 512-552-0787.

About Eyes of Texas

Since early 2015, Brenda Mize has been creating her Eyes of Texas Dolls. Every collectible doll has her hand-painted eyes, is full porcelain and was hand-crafted using a Dianna Effner doll mold. Oftentimes Brenda includes a miniature teddy bear, miniature porcelain doll or basket of vintage flowers with her creations. She believes that including these little finishing touches achieves the look that she is striving towards – a classic old-fashioned guise that hopefully evokes wonderful childhood memories for their new owners.

Eyes of Texas Dolls
“It’s All In the Eyes”
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