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The July 2024 issue of DOLLS is our annual Debut of Dolls collector’s edition featuring 48 full-color pages. 


10 A Lasting Dream 
Dianna Effner’s Sculpts Are Timeless 
By KC Eddy 

12 Creature Comforts 
Sophie Louis’ Characters Embody a World of Love and Happiness 
By Stephanie Finnegan 

14 A Decade of Dolls 
Miroslava Brodlova Plans Exciting Releases 

16 Endless Possibilities 
Ashton-Drake Combines Quality, Innovation, and Variety 

17 Forever Virginia Dolls 
New Releases, Fashions, and More 

17 Edith Schmidt 
Fashions New Garments 

17 Laura Corti 
Works With a New Sculpt 

18 Joyce Mathews 
Strives for Balance 
By Joyce Mathews 

18 Beverly Stoehr 
Keeps Creating 

18 April Norton 
Paints Beautiful Dolls 

19 Sandy Anderson 
Undertakes Exciting Projects 

19 Brenda Mize 
Pays Attention to Details 

20 What Makes a Doll ‘Antique’? 
A Guide to Pre-1930 Treasures 
By Vicki Steensma 

24 Hankie Dresses 
To Make and Model on Barbie 
By Adeline Panamaroff 

28 Madison Area Doll Club 
Collectors Come Together To Celebrate Dolls 
By Marie Crawford 

32 Collector Corner 
Collectors Share a Variety of Dolls 

34 History Meets the Present 
Joann Cartiglia Designs High-Quality Products 

36 Tressy and Crissy 
These Dolls Have Hair That Grows 
By Judith Izen 

40 Rose of Versailles 
The Inspiration Behind a Dollhouse and Dolls 
By The Doll Historian 

8 Editor’s Notebook 
30 Shows of Note 
42 Curious Collector  
43 Portraits 
44 Paper Doll 
46 Classifieds  
46 Event Calendar 
46 Advertiser Index