Gemstone logo for the 2023 Dolls Awards of Excellence Industry's Choice Awards

The Industry’s Choice winners in this year’s Dolls Awards of Excellence have been selected based on ratings assigned by nearly 50 professionals from all walks of the doll world.

The Industry’s Choice winners, along with each entrant’s top-rated entry in each category, will appear on the ballot for the Public’s Choice awards, selected by DOLLS readers. The Public’s Choice ballot is printed in DOLLS August/September 2023 issue, available in early August. You can also vote online starting Aug. 1. 

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Spoiler Alert 

If you want to watch the video to find out who won, don’t scroll further! Below is a list of this year’s Industry’s Choice winners. 

Dolls Awards of Excellence 2023 Industry’s Choice Winners 

Standard Categories 

Baby Doll 
Abby by Victoria Perry 
Alaia Yophi by Lorraine Yophi 
Arlo by Manouk Waij 
Atlanta by Michelle Fagan 

Child Doll 
Melody by Dianna Effner Dolls 
Oonagh by Joyce Mathews 
Tammy by Miroslava Brodlova 
Tea for Two from Ashton-Drake Galleries 

Teen/Adult Doll 
Midsummer Night’s Bride from Ashton-Drake Galleries 
Shy by Miroslava Brodlova 
Snow Queen by Zofia & Henry Zawieruszynski 

OOAK Baby/Child Doll 
Leila by Sima Dojaty 
My Little Mouse by Mayra Garza 
Sleeping Beauty by Elisa Gallea 

OOAK Teen/Adult Doll 
Cailleach (Storm Bringer) by Collette Hatch 

Special Categories 

Reborn/Silicone Kits 
Baby Pascale by Min Li 
Bear by Christine Woolley
Fleur by Stacey Haskins 
Saul by Susan Gibbs 

Aurora by Fiorenza Biancheri 

Doll Fashion 
King Louis XVI by Joan Binkley 
Victoriana by Julie Manley 
Winter Solstice by Kathleen Hill