The Industry’s Choice winners in this year’s Dolls Awards of Excellence have been selected based on ratings assigned by more than 50 professionals from all walks of the doll world. Watch the video to learn who won.

The Industry’s Choice winners now go on to become the nominees for the Public’s Choice awards, selected by DOLLS readers. The Public’s Choice ballot will appear in DOLLS August/September issue in early August; you can also cast your vote online starting Monday, Aug. 2.

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If you want to watch the video to find out who won, don’t scroll further. Below is a list of winners.

2021 Dolls Awards of Excellence winners

Industry’s Choice

Standard Categories

Baby Dolls

Hope, Vikki Ebbeling
Lulu “Got Milk”, Connie Lowe
Nala, Maria Jordano Bustos
Rosalie, Ashton-Drake Galleries
Vito, Laura Tuzio-Ross

Child Dolls

Chloe by Berenguer, JC Toys Group
Emme, Annette Herrmann
Masha, Miroslava Brodlova
Mia, Linda Macario
Sisters: Riley, Avery, Evie, Zofia & Henry Zawieruszynski

Teen/Adult Dolls

Kenna, Pat Moulton
Perihelia, Ruby Red Fashion Friends
Sentoporia, Emperis Dolls

OOAK Baby/Child Dolls

Orion Down Syndrome Awareness, Lauren Faith Jaimes
Sahara, Sima Valenzuela
Sofi, Mayra Garza

OOAK Teen/Adult Dolls

Avonlea, Anna Maryina
Sheltering at Home, Cindee Moyer
Ursula Steampunk Girl, Alessandra Nicolin

OOAK Fantasy Dolls

Airy and Fib, Ekaterina Zagustina
Ladybug Fairy, Autumn Bellar
Wise, Esther Manso

Special Categories

Doll Fashions

Earth Goddess, Kathleen Hill
Eleganza Ice Princess, Brenda Mize
Elizabeth Ann, April Norton

Repaints & Face-Ups

Dianna, Shai Hoffer
Marina, Fiorenza Biancheri
Paolina, Laura Corti

Reborns & Silicone Kits

Annelene, Maria Grover
Johnnie, Stacey Haskins
Jolie, Joanna Langemann