Author: Carie Ferg

Doll Play and Gender

Growing up and into adulthood the gender divide apparent in toys, and dolls, in particular, always struck me as odd. When I was a kid, boys were not to play with dolls and if they did, mom and dad quickly set them straight and...

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The Magic of Dolls

Life at a small publishing company can get very hectic with a zillion things to do and far too few minutes in a day. And in the midst of the mayhem, at times I seem to lose touch with the dolls, with my job becoming about...

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Chicago Doll Delights!

On a recent mini-trip to Chicago, we dined at a nice Italian place (and then an Irish pub to fill up because the quantities were so small!). Then, we listened to blues with talent ranging from “there’s a reason he’s singing in...

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