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Home Voices of the Industry Editor's Blog Technology ... It's a Love-Hate Thing
Technology ... It's a Love-Hate Thing
Written by DOLLS Editor, Carie Ferg   

Ahhh ... technology. What a wonderful thing. What a terrible thing. As we've worked hard to launch DOLLS magazine's new Web site, I've developed a rather love-hate relationship for the 21st century's golden child. Ahhh ... technology. What a wonderful thing. What a terrible thing. As we've worked hard to launch DOLLS magazine's new Web site, I've developed a rather love-hate relationship for the 21st century's golden child. One minute I'm delighted at some newfangled aspect the Web offers ... instant publishing with the click of the little  "save" button, for instance. The next, I'm through-the-roof confounded and aggravated (the intracacies of learning a new video editing program proved to be incredibly harrowing and don't even mention "producing" to me right now).

But aside from minor glitches (definitely not user-incurred, of course), I'm delighted. Our new Web site offers us a perfect venue to enhance our readers' experience. Our printed magazine is just going to be one part of the equation now. With the help of technology, DOLLS magazine has taken on a whole new meaning. It now means instant access to a wealth of resources is just one click away.

Whether it's watching a Web video interview with one of your favorite dollmakers, chatting with like-minded doll lovers, or just checking out the latest blog or doll news, www.dollsmagazine.com is the newest incarnation, the latest rendering of DOLLS magazine. It's a resource you can trust will stay fresh, informative and filled will all things dolls.

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