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Home Voices of the Industry The Doll Addiction When an Intervention Might Be Necessary
When an Intervention Might Be Necessary
Written by Alison Rasmussen   

Are you a doll collector who needs intervention? Check out this handy list and see if you qualify...

You know you need an intervention when:

  • you spend more at your favorite doll shop than on housing
  • your bookshelves don’t have any actual books on them
  • your browser homepage is set to a doll-themed website
  • more than 75% of your email is doll-related
  • trauma ensues when most of your pre-orders fall within the same month
  • you have an email or web address with the word “doll” in it
  • your Amazon wish list is only doll-related items
  • your neighbors refer to you as “that crazy doll lady”
  • your relatives refer to you as “that crazy doll lady”
  • nothing cures a headache but a new doll
  • you can’t walk past your curio cabinet without playing with your dolls
  • you have just a touch of obsessive compulsive disorder
  • your favorite initials are B, J and D
  • your mail carrier knows you by name and sight (and fears you)
  • your UPS and FedEx carriers address you by name (and fear you)
  • you spend more than two hours daily checking doll message forums
  • you spend at least an hour per week snapping digital photos of your dolls
  • you have accounts on Photobucket, Flickr and/or Mobile Me and upload photos regularly
  • you know the difference between MIB and NRFB, and the terms mean something to you
  • when other people play with your dolls, you feel disoriented
  • nothing else pulls you out of the blues like a new doll
  • you break a shopping hiatus pledge within a record time of twenty minutes
  • you’re on a first-name basis with your favorite doll dealers
  • you’re not ashamed to leave comments on blogs like this one!


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