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Alison Rasmussen I’m Alison Rasmussen, a fairly new but die-hard doll collector in San Diego, Calif. I try to stay a sane stay-at-home mother of four active children, ages 9 through 3. My doll addiction keeps me away from illegal substances, though it may drive my poor husband in the opposite direction.

I became a doll collector the first time I laid hands on a Tonner doll and since have discovered Fashion Royalty, Goodreau, Berdine Creedy and have been adding to my growing ball-jointed collection (and my wish list).

Currently, my collection consists of several themes: a history of fashion; re-imagined fairytales; Alice in Wonderland dolls; and a rather morbid collection of Henry VIII’s wives. My top three prize possessions of the moments are "Queen V Veronique" by Integrity, "Gothic Alice" by Goodreau Doll and "Mademoiselle a la Mode Tyler" by Tonner.

In addition to dolls, I’m discovering photography, and I love quilting and (more importantly) collecting fabric. But I try not to let these hobbies interfere significantly with my doll budget. You can check out my other blogs and my Flickr photo album at these links:

The Fashion Doll Review

The Fashion Doll Review CafePress T-Shirt Store

My Flickr Album

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