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2014 DOLLS Awards of Excellence Industry’s Choice Winners
Tuesday, 17 June 2014 20:17


Here are your 2014 DOLLS Awards of Excellence Industry’s Choice Winners!


Manufacturer Categories

Children’s Play Doll

"Carla by Berenguer" 
JC Toys Group

"Clementine, Your 1940s Girl"
A Girl for All Time

Zeenie Dollz LLC

"Lil’ Ducky"
JC Toys Group, Inc.

"Zennia Mother Earth"
Zeenie Dollz LLC

Collectible Baby Doll

"Abby Rose"
Ashton-Drake Galleries

JC Toys Group

"His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge"
Ashton-Drake Galleries

"La Newborn Baby Girl"
JC Toys Group, Inc.

Collectible Child Doll

MasterPiece Dolls

MasterPiece Dolls

"Sunshine & Lollipops"
Ashton-Drake Galleries

Collectible Fashion Doll

"Déjà vu: Red Hot"
Tonner Doll Company

"Michelle Obama Inaugural Ball Commemorative"
Ashton-Drake Galleries

JAMIEshow Doll USA


Collectible Ball-Jointed Doll

"Big Bang Theory: Sheldon Cooper"
Tonner Doll Company

"Gene Marshall: Phoenix"
JAMIEshow Doll USA

"Sad Sally: Who Did My Hair?"
Wilde Imagination/Tonner Doll Company

Artist Categories

Artist Child Doll

Zofia & Henry Zawieruszynski

Hildegard Günzel

Annette Herrmann

Berdine Creedy

"Violet Skye"
Lorella Falconi

Artist Ball-Jointed Doll

Kimberley Arnold

"Keelin the Forest Nymph"
Crystal Bernard

Bo Bergemann

Liz Frost

Lorella Falconi

Artist Fantasy-Themed Doll

"Ellie May"
Elizabeth Cooper

"Kit Cat"
Bo Bergemann

"Rose Fairy"
Shawna Clymer

"Rose Petal Fairy, Keeper of the Rose Garden"
Beverly Stoehr

"Violet Fairy"
Shawna Clymer

Artist Doll, Less than $1,250

Judy Porter

Connie Lowe

Pat Moulton

Zofia & Henry Zawieruszynski

"Peacock Blossom"
Bo Bergemann

Artist Doll, More than $1,250

Amily Lau

Hildegard Günzel

Zofia & Henry Zawieruszynski

Liz Frost

"Tarien Lace"
Bo Bergemann

One of a Kind Baby Doll

Kellie Beckett

"Baby Valentina"
Jennifer Costello

Mayra Garza

"My Sweet Little Girl"
Mayra Garza

Lauren Faith Jaimes

One of a Kind Child Doll

"Goldie and Her Favorite Bear"
Sherri Williams

"Hansel and Gretel"
Joy Calhoon

Mayra Garza

Kellie Beckett

Lynn Cartwright

One of a Kind Doll, Less than $1,250

"Choose Life"
Barbara Felts

"Gabriel and his Goat"
Joy Calhoon

"I Did It My Way"
Jack Johnston

"Pixie King Faegan"
Lori Platt

"Spring Awakening"
Lori Platt

One of a Kind Doll, More than $1,250

"Andres Segovia - Classical Guitarist"
Joanne Merrick Johnson

"Dance of the Golden Bells"
Joy Calhoon

Kimberly Lasher

"Princess Elizabeth I"
Lynda Dunham-Watkins

Hildegard Günzel

Special Categories

Reborn Doll

Alla Cox (sculpt by Jannie de Lange)

Debra Brooks (sculpt by Linda Murray)

Sueli Gonzalez Cottone (sculpt by Elisa Marx)

Albie Wentzel (sculpt by Gudrun Legler)

Albie Wentzel (sculpt by Emily Jameson)

Artist Face-Up

Connie Lowe (doll by Dollstown)

Julie Manley (doll by Integrity Toys)

"Little Lou 2"
April Norton (mold by Dianna Effner)

Charlene Smith (head by Kaye Wiggs)

"Wisp of Wings"
Liz Frost (on Kaye Wiggs’ Talyssa)

Artist Original Fashion Design

"Ivory Pearl"
Lorella Falconi

Julie Manley (on Integrity Toys’ Ayumi)

"Paris Steampunk"
Connie Lowe (on Dollstown’s Bandi)

"Purple Passion Fairy"
Charlene Smith (on Bo Bergemann’s Malia)

"Ruffles Rutabaga"
Valerie Zeitler (on Dollstown’s Amy)