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Home Articles News & Notes News&Notes Story Time Dolls looks for buyer
Story Time Dolls looks for buyer
Tuesday, 19 April 2011 20:33

StoryTimeDollsWebPorcelain doll artist Darlyne D. Davis, of Dolls by Darlyne and Story Time Dolls, has announced on the Story Time Dolls website that she and her husband are seeking to sell their business, including the website and other proprietary items, to a porcelain doll artist or a group that includes one or more porcelain doll artists.

"After almost 30 years my husband has convinced me that it is time to pass on our doll business," Davis said. "Our kids are too old, our grandkids are too busy, and our great-grandkids too young, so we are looking for a serious doll artist to carry on for the next thirty years or so.

"We have a fully equipped and functional doll manufacturing business capable of generating over 800 (wholesale price between $50 and $400) dolls per year with only two people. Our net income has exceeded $100,000 per year for more than 20 years from wholesale dolls only. We have orders for over 700 dolls on the books from one customer alone for 2011.

“We would like to see the business continue for the sake of our customers and will offer the complete operational business including the customers and contracts at much less than our cost. We are asking for just a portion of the cost of the inventory (depending on age and condition), less than half the cost of the equipment, a fair price for the molds, and a minimum amount for the business goodwill and customer base. Basically, the business has been our retirement fund since 1988. All we want in return is sufficient capital to secure our retirement.”

Davis added that they are not interested in piecemeal sales, except that the business may be sold with or without its real estate in Arizona, and her personal collection of antique and collectible dolls may be sold separately. For more details, visit

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My husband and I are truly grateful for the attention and help provided by the staff of DOLLS. We have been a part of the doll community for over 30 years and it is time to move on. Please give due consideration to our situation so that Story Time Dolls can still be a significant part of the doll world. Darlyne
Darlyne D. Davis , April 20, 2011 | url

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