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I played this weekend
Written by Paulette Goodreau   
Monday, 10 August 2009 00:24
Well this weekend as usual I ran errands. And when I went to our local buy everything store there were all new dolls out. Being a huge fan of playdolls I bought them all! I bought some clothing, who knows what it will fit in my existing doll collection. And I bought some extras; a grafitti car, and an airbrush t shirt factory for my Moxi Doll, and extra wigs for my new Livworld doll.Also out are jaks pacific hujuka dolls, and a really cute little fashion form by bandai, and MGA also put out a new 18 inch doll, with 11 inch dolls by the same name called BFC INK. Those dolls are very cute and reasonable. But the best finds for me were the BEE BEE Fun charms, and the new Hello Kitty collectible vinyls. The charms have working parts, and the vinyls are done by artists.

I still prefer the American Girls and Kathe Kruse dolls for my neices, and they tend to like them more also. But for older girls I think the dolls coming out are offering a lot of playability. Livworld even has a changable wig. No my fellow BJDers you can not use it on your dolls. I had that idea but it has a rather large plastic spike just like lorifina. It seems the playdoll designers this year were all on the same page. Also don't be fooled by moxi's second wig she has rooted hair, but that wig is usable on a 6-7 doll.

When is a doll not simple a doll, and becomes an artpeice? When it's beauty is so great you can not get it out of your soul, for me the work of Jamie Williamson though I own none of her peices, I cherish just the photo's of them. Now back to my neglected animals and work!!


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